Ready to Launch?

Ready to launch that new product or service? You’ve come up with the perfect thing that your audience is going to love but now you aren’t sure how to get it out there. You may be afraid that you’re going to launch and hear crickets. 

What would it feel like to: 

have someone else tackle the writing for your next launch?

reduce the stress of knowing what to write? 

have someone else tackle all the content that needs to be written? 

have an international award-winning PR & Marketing Strategist handle your copy that needs to convert? 

have conversion rates at 6x the norm? 

It’s entirely possible when you let a pro handle your next product/service launch. Here’s how we do it. 

I’ve had the pleasure and absolutely the privilege to have worked and learned from Ashley, which doesn’t happen in all workplaces. What I did noticed was once she decided to move on to better opportunities, which I personally know that it was tough, as well as, a selfless decision she needed to make. Her presence was definitely felt in many ways when a person can bring value to an organization or company and save them money, it speaks volume. Not only did the leads cost more, but the quality declined and were really inconsistent. Ashley, is definitely worth her weight in gold, she’s extremely bright, enjoys seeing those around her succeed, doesn’t hold back when she sees areas that one can improve on and was always available to answer any questions. Ashley loved mentoring and teaching. What I value most goes way beyond her as a colleague, but she’s definitely a friend. Thanks, Ash, you definitely rock??

Sivann Douk

Funding Manager, AmeriFi

Ashley was an absolute dream to work with! She has so many incredible ideas and made everything SO EASY to implement! I started out using her 120 Day Content Planner and that alone is … just WOW! I have my Social Media schedule planned out for 4 months! PLUS, it’s easy to use so I can keep going with it and sit down every few months to plan out the next 4 months! Ashley was so patient and our first call together was spent walking me through the Content Planner and filling it out for me while I talked my thoughts out with her. She helped me create my Social Media strategy and then cheered me on while I rolled it out! Ashley also did 1-on-1 calls with me where we established my Pinterest Business Account, set up a landing page for some of my content, created a Monthly Newsletter template and more! In the short time I worked with Ashley, I feel like I was able to focus my marketing efforts much more efficiently. I’m a working Mom who is an Author on the side as a hobby. My dream is to become an Author full time, but I haven’t been able to establish any sort of consistent schedule for content in the past. Ashley has changed all of that and helped to re-motivate me in the Social Media space and help me get out there more! I’m so appreciative of her time and expertise and can’t wait to see where all of these new ideas take off to! If I ever have questions or need ANYTHING as it relates to marketing in the future, Ashley would be the first call I’d make.

Anna Applegate


Here’s why I do this work

I created the Ready to Launch offer when

I realized that so many entrepreneurs

were struggling with conversion rates, having the time to write all the copy and knowing exactly what to say to their dreamy clients to close deals. These entrepreneurs would try to DIY the problem,  but they weren’t really getting the help they needed. And I’ve studied this problem for almost a decade now and have found the solution! Here’s how using this service has positively impacted my own life:

I was in college when I started my first blog and started getting inquiries, brand deals, and clients. I knew I was on to something. When I started in Public Relations fresh from college, I was told to win awards and make a splash So I did. We won three international awards for my particular area of responsibility and then I was published in PRDaily. I knew I was doing something others weren’t. So I continued to further my education and saw businesses transform with my methods. With this method, I’ve literally saved businesses from going under, helped reduce CPL by 94%, helped companies scale to seven and eight-figures and more! I know we can help you achieve similar results in your next launch.

My ready to launch service is your solution!

Here’s what you get

  • Webinar or Lead Magnet Copy
  • Sales Funnel Emails
  • 50 Social Media Posts
  • Live Stream Outlines
  • 5 Blog Posts
  • Landing Page
  • Sales Page

As a bonus, you’ll get my content planner for the year. It’ll track launches, PR opportunities, and every single topic you’ll cover for the year in one easy to use spreadsheet. 

Here’s how we’re going to change your life: 

You can reduce the stress of the launch


Have more time for other activities in your business


Able to take sales calls where the clients are already sold


Automate more of your sales process so you can duplicate it in the future




I worked with Ashley at a small unsecured lending firm. She was the head of marketing and lead generation for the company we worked for. Her skill set was the most valuable aspect of the business because she was responsible for the Brokers/Sales Team (which I was a part of) to get “Warm Leads”. Those leads produced more sales at the company than any other source. She is Kind, easy to work with and a great team player, I would recommend her services and skills to anyone looking to make generate more sales and leads.

Hunter Gutzeit

Funding Manager, I Buy Powersports

Ashley was fantastic and easy to work with! Her experience shows through her writing and she was quick to answer all of my questions along the way. I’m super excited to put my e-mail funnel into place. Thank you so much!

Samantha Shank

CEO, Learn in Color

Ashley’s portal makes the process super easy. She is kind, helpful, and responsive. The copy she wrote for my site was spot-on and I will definitely be using her services again in the future!
Sierra Raye

Trauma Coach, Sierra Raye