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Hey I'm

I’m a Homemaking Expert who helps Christian moms balance running their home, strengthening their marriage, supporting their kids without sacrificing their sanity and me-time.

I’ve been credited with creating the Christian Mom’s Netflix 🤯 with my signature monthly membership, Prudent Homemaker. 

My journey began in 2014 when a missionary knocked on my door and introduced me to Christ. It was a crazy ride to go from, let’s call it worldly, to a Christian homemaker.

I currently live in the woods of South Georgia with my husband, two boys and two black labs (that think they are lap dogs).

I’ve been blogging for nearly a decade now and I can say that showing up and sharing my experiences and what God has laid on my heart has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. 

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If you're struggling in your marriage, unsure of who God made you to be or have been screaming at your kids, I'm here for you. Let's pray together and come up with a solution to your problem.