Want simple ways to love on your hubs this year?

Sound like you...

You’re a Christian Mama & generally overwhelmed & stressed with all.the.things

thankful for the family we have - and the husband to love

As a Christian, you feel like there’s so much to do & a lot of pressure to do it all. We think of Christian ways to say no like “I’ll pray about it” when we really mean “I have 900 things on my plate so please don’t ask me to add more.” If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

I’m a former Mormon who saw a lot of “perfect moms”and thought I would never measure up so I focused heavily on work (hello 4 degrees & working on a 5th!).  Then I met my hubs and he had two boys so I had to face my biggest fears. I had to learn to give myself grace and learn what God really says about being a wife and mother. I created this space so as Christian wives and mothers we could have a place to grow our relationship with Christ, our husband, our children, each other and our community. My goal is to have more conversations so we can support one another through all that life throws at us!

What I blog about:

  • Biblical Marriage
  • Raising Godly Kids
  • Political issues facing Christians (blame the PoliSci degree for that)
  • Bible studies
  • Books I’m reading 

So stick around, grab a cup of coffee  join my free community of other Christian Moms & let’s grow together. 

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