Hey! I’m Ashley Love and I am not your average millennial feminist. Before we dive into all of that jazz, let’s get to know each other first.



I grew up in Cape May, NJ but the minute I graduated from high school, I left. I moved to South Carolina, worked in Delaware and at this present moment I live in Pennsylvania. I’ve got a stellar husband who just medically retired from the Army and we have two cats, Mia Thermopolis and Ellie Mae. I love the ocean, thank you Cape May and Myrtle Beach. I could live on the water. I need caffeine to survive my days. I love nothing more than to snuggle up after work with some comfy clothes and a blanket. I also am obsessed with goats. I’d love to have a small goat farm someday. Goat yoga anyone?

I’ve got two MA’s, one in Multimedia Journalism and another in Public Relations. I did some post-bac work in Political Science and my BA is in English. In the five years since graduation, I’ve gone from entry-level social media specialist to Marketing Director over my own department. I’ve also been a political journalist and moved my way up to be the Editor over the profitable sections of the newspaper aka health, business, etc.  I’ve worked with clients like the American Lung Association, startups, solopreneurs, politicians and small businesses. I’m excited to bring that skill set to my dream clients. I’m looking at you. I work with businesses that aim to empower women and those in the political sphere.

What you’ll find with me is that I’m raw and uninhibited. raw and uninhibited. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on feminist issues, national news, foreign affairs and talking about the political parties. You’ll find I lean one way but my opinions are not cookie cutter. I have some very liberal thoughts and some very conservative opinions. I take everything on a case by case issue. I don’t think things are black and white. You’ll find pieces written, vlogged and I’ll be producing a weekly podcast to talk about the issues.

I would love it if you shared, liked, commented, etc. on the content. This is supposed to be conversational. I cannot very well have a conversation with myself.


I look forward to sharing this journey with you.