The only blog planning sheet you'll ever need

This has been my favorite tool to grow and manage my blog

Hey there! So you’ve been thinking “I need to get my blog organized” and now you’re ready to tackle that step. 


Seriously, look no further than this page! As a former Chief Marketing Officer, I was responsible for creating content that would create 8-figures. This is the EXACT system I used to generate those 8-figures in 10 months strictly using killer content creation. 

I can’t promise you’ll hit 8-figures in 10 months but I can assure you that you’ll be hyper organized and your audience is going to recognize your expertise. This system is designed to help you consistently show up as the expert in a variety of places. 

If you know you’re ready to start showing up consistently, both on social media and on the fancy Google Machine, then snag this tool. You can get it for a limited time at just $27.

As a professional organizer, you would think I would have had a system for my blogs. Ashley's tool really helped me sit down and laser in on who I am in the industry and what my audience wanted to know based on real data.

It's readily available in Google Drive so you can take it anywhere. You simply copy the tool to your account and BAM. It's everywhere and anywhere you are.

Here’s what you’ll find on each section of the tool. 

Each sheet is designed to walk you through making your blog excel. 

1: we’ll plan the platforms you want to grow your blog on (Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)

2: what topics will you cover and best be known for? Me personally? Faith, Family & Food are what people know me for (but there’s a secret topic coming so be on the lookout for that!)

3: we’ll map all those big content ideas out for each month and ensure you hit each area of expertise each month.

4: SEO work time. Find the right keywords you need to really make your blogging efforts stick! 

5: how are you going to repurpose that content? Let’s create a repurpose strategy on this page.

6: I tell you the three types of content you should ALWAYS produce to see results in your blog business so you can ensure your content is getting you closer to achieving your goals. 

7: the schedule. Where will you plan to show your blog every single day? Let’s map out your content strategy so you’re showing up where your ideal reader/customer is daily. 

8: the launches you have running, we’re going to put those here and we’re going to run some numbers. These numbers are going to help you figure out your marketing efforts so you hit your goals consistently! 

9: media mentions & PR opportunities. All those guest blogs and podcasts, put them in here so you never lose track of them! These are going to be so handy when you need to repurpose content! 

With this handy tool you’ll be able to keep your blog hyper focused and ready to go so you consistently show up for your audience and get those conversions! 

There’s even video training on SEO in the SEO sheet so you’ll really be ranking high with those amazing blog posts you’re planning.

Who am I?

I’m Ashley Price, founder and head writer here. I’m a Georgia transplant, originally from NJ. I’m a Christian, a wife, a boy mom & dog lover.

 I took Online Journalism in college and fell in love. I grew up in a tourist town and I decided what a better way to spend my semester than to review the local restaurants and bars in the area. I was new to blogging in 2011 but it took off. Bars and restaurants were asking me to me come and review them. I was hitting page one of Google within weeks. I was being shared all across the globe. It was insane. In a time when we didn’t really utilize social media, my blog was blowing up. 

Since then, I have continued to blog. With my busy schedule, it’s imperative I stay ahead of schedule. I had to massively plan and I needed something to keep me focused and ready to go so I created this planner to keep everything I’m doing organized moving forward. Suddenly, all my friends were asking for it and I was getting consults booked for planning meetings. Now, you can map your content for the whole year with this simple system. It’s easily replicated so you never need to buy another planning system for your blogs! 

This tool really has been a game changer for my own organization. I never have to worry about what I’m posting and when. All my keywords and ideas are in one spot. It’s truly every bloggers favorite tool.

I developed this tool when I was not only blogging for myself but running a FinTech Company’s blog. They needed content that would consistently put them in front of their ideal client and converting. I mean daily conversions in the 6-figures! So I created this tool to ensure success. 

I know when you put it to work for you, you’ll start seeing huge shifts!