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Come and Take It

Glenn and I won’t ever apologize for being patriots. We don’t apologize for loving the freedoms we are granted due to the constitution. We will always hold up the American values and this one flag captured all our feelings.

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Feminist photo - Allie Smith

Women’s Rights Begin in the Womb

The feminist movement wants you to believe that abortion is healthcare and they’re right in some aspect, women’s rights do start in the womb. Let’s talk about the rights of the unborn.

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I’m a Domestic Feminist

I get called Serena Joy from The Handmaid’s Tale all the time and I’m more than okay with that. Find out why I support Domestic Feminism & what it really is.

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Keep Jesus in Easter

This Easter season we’re focused on teaching our kids about Jesus & what Easter is all about. Here’s how we’re focusing on Jesus.

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Hubby’s Soft Pretzels

This girl from the Philly burbs was craving soft pretzels in South Georgia so hubs got his booty in the kitchen and whipped up something delicious!

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Mrs. Price

Watch as I tackle life as Mrs. Price which means being a mama to three South Georgia boys and traveling with my musician hubby.

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My Faith Box

See what came in my faith box this month, how it’s changing my life and the world! I’m so excited about this month’s Faith Box.

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