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An Ideal Homemaking Schedule for a Happy Home + Free Printable

My Homemaking Schedule How we balance business, the home, homeschooling & family time with ease. I get asked a ton about my homemaking schedule and how we seem to fit everything in. Between running a business or two, homeschooling, taking care ... READ the POST

My perfect homemaker schedule for the woman doing it all and trying to make it look simple. How we fit in business, homeschooling and more!

My doctor used the word “cancer”

My doctor used the word "cancer" & how we're seeing God through it all  July 21, 2018, I lost my grandpa to cancer. He was the most typical of stubborn Italian/Russian men and frankly ignored all pleas to see a doctor early on. Which is why ... READ the POST

My doctor used the word cancer at 30 and how we're seeing God through a cancer scare. I promise, if I can see God through this, so can you.

Love Being a Homemaker, Despite What Modern Feminism Says

Why Homemaking Matters: A Noble Calling Amidst Modern Feminists If you watch the news and/or read any publications, you’ve probably seen articles and broadcasts about gender wage gaps and how emotional labor women endure that holds us back. One would ... READ the POST

Modern feminism wants you to believe that homemaking is outdated but I dare say, it's a noble calling from God worth answering.

Balancing homeschooling with working

Balancing Homeschooling & Working Have you been thinking about homeschooling due to the recent options offered by your school district but feel like you can’t due to financial strain?I hear this all the time. I get comments about the feeling ... READ the POST

If I can run a business, being a homemaker and homeschool, I promise you can do it too. It's easier than you think it is. God's design for family is perfect.

The one mindset shift you need to avoid marriage counseling

The one mindset shift you need to avoid marriage counseling My newsfeed and inbox are full of women complaining about being home with their husband these last few weeks. They hate it. They’re considering divorce. Marriage counseling isn’t really even ... READ the POST

Have recent events made you wonder if you need marriage counseling? This one mindset shift will keep out of marriage counseling and happy.

Reasons Not To Be A SAHM

Reasons Not To Be A SAHM & Ways to Combat Those Objectionshttps://youtu.be/aJAQ4zZhwJUThe world is going to tell you a million reasons to not be a stay at home mom. They all sound good too. They could even dissuade you from staying home with ... READ the POST

Don't be a SAHM they said. It's scary and a huge waste of your time. Check out a list of objections to being a SAHM and how to combat them.