My Faith Box


The Happiness Impact

This week I was away, we’ll save that story for another blog post, but while I was away I got a notification of a super awesome box. My Faith Box had arrived!

I was so excited since this was my first Faith Box and it surely did not disappoint.

The theme of this month’s Faith Box was all about happiness. It honestly could not have come at a better time considering all that is happening in my life.

Wait until you see everything this box has inside! Or better yet, grab your own below!



If you look at my laptop it’s full of stickers. I have my truffle stickers, save the fishies one and now my Jesus stickers. Call me crazy but I love showing my passions in life any form I can and stickers are a great way to express yourself. From the big picture above you can see that this Faith Box came with tons of stickers! I’ll be sticker-bombing everything this month!


My Faith Box also came with an awesome devotional and a super cool spiritual practice guide. I’m excited to see how this transforms my life over the next few weeks.


Embrace Your Journey

Devotional Cover

Local Artists


One of the best things to come out of the Faith Box was this magnet made by local artists in Haiti. I am all about supporting local artists and that’s what Anchored in Hope does. This is what their website says, “The mission of Anchored in Hope is to empower Haitian artisans to provide for their families with dignity. Our desire is to inspire hope for a better tomorrow through our reliance on the anchor that we have in Jesus Christ.” 

I love love love their mission! This magnet will serve as a great reminder for quite a few things for me.

1. Rely on the Savior. 

2. Rejoice in my knowledge of the Gospel

3. Support more local artists 

The Water Bottle

If you follow any of my social media or read any of my blog posts, you know how important reusable water bottles are to me.

I am the biggest anti-single-use plastics person on the planet. There’s honestly no reason for it with the number of cute water bottles available.


So the fact that Faith Box put a reusable bottle in here means it automatically got my vote of approval.

Seriously, grab yourself a reusable bottle. Save the planet.

Overall, I would say the Faith Box is totally worth it! I’m definitely excited to see how it changes my faith but I’m even more so impressed with the focus on changing the world in all aspects from supporting local artists to encouraging users to ditch the plastics. Faith Box has my vote.

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