I hate being the one to bring you bad news but you are not a girl boss, lady boss, boss babe, etc.


What I mean is that yes you are a woman and yes you do run a company so I am acknowledging that technically you are a female boss.

What I think is silly is that you don’t call men, man boss or boss dude or whatever the male equilvant is.

So many women I know are all about female empowerment and so they embrace this whole “girl boss” movement. Thank you Sophia Amoruso for the #GirlBoss situation.

I think that when we call ourselves #GirlBoss or Ladypreneur or any of those derivatives, we’re really taking away from what we’re doing. Why the need to genderize your profession. As a marketing strategist, no one calls me lady marketing strategist. I’m doing the same type of job as my male counterparts.

There’s no need to call yourself a lady boss. I’m sorry. You’re just the boss. You’re just the CEO.



Let that sink in for a second. You’re just a freaking CEO. 

You don’t need to make it so gender specific.

Own who you are. Own your expertise. Leave your lady parts out of it. 

Sara Blakely, of Spanx, doesn’t call herself a Boss Babe. She calls herself the CEO of a billion dollar company.

I’m not saying ignore your feminity. Close those deals in heels. I love my feminity. But what I am saying is that men don’t call themselves a Boss Bro. They just say they’re the boss.

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