I honestly cannot believe I even need to write this article about Moana.

Recently, Cosmopolitan published a piece that takes this political correctness thing way too far. If you haven’t read the article yet, I’ll summarize it for you.

In this piece, the REDBOOK Editors claim that if you allow your white child to wear a Moana Halloween costume, you may as well just consider yourself to be a racist. This has all stemmed from a post on raceconsciousness.org where one mom felt uncomfortable letting her daughter be Moana or Elsa for fear of perpetuating cultural appropriation. If you can remember back, the move Moana also prompted a debate last year about the Maui costume.


I, along with many others, think this is a ridiculous notion. When did a child dressing up on Halloween become a source of contention? When did parents have to fear cultural appropriation?

If these parents are concerned about letting a white child be Moana, do they have the same concerns if she wants to be Tiana? What if a black child wanted to be Ariel? Do we have a problem with that? What if a Polynesian child decided to be Jasmine? Is that a problem?

I’m curious as to why we are shaming and fearmongering parents and children into not celebrating female heroism. Moana goes out on her own to save her village and then takes her place as a queen y’all. A queen. She saves the village with a little help from a demi-god. The intentions were hers. The courage and bravery were hers. She didn’t look to a man and say “what do we do now?”

What message are we sending if we say only children of a certain color can celebrate the brave, strong, smart and independent princess?

I want to hear your thoughts down below.